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Modern Rugs

Modern rugs have often been described as ‘art for the floor’, and it is very easy to see why. These rugs bring together the contemporary feel of any room in the home with bold, bright colours or even monochromatic patterns. Modern rugs tend to shy away from solid colours, instead opting for eye-pleasing patterns that are sure to become the focal point of a room’s décor. Our modern rugs are selected from dozens of potential candidates so we can be sure that we offer our customers nothing less than the best.

Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs provide homes with an unsurpassed level of warmth, and many people choose to use them in bedrooms and bathrooms for this reason. The extra-long, plush pile is a blessing to bare feet, especially on cold mornings. Shaggy rugs became popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s, but their retro feel is certainly making a huge comeback. Despite their eye-pleasing appeal, they provide a level of functionality that simply cannot be matched by any other type of rug. Bring back that 1970s-era look with your favourite colour and style today.

Traditional Rugs

Traditional rugs are great ways to tie the colours and décor of any room together, and we offer them in a large number of styles, patterns, colours and price ranges. In today’s market, shabby-chic and eclectic décor is making a very huge impact, and traditional rugs are the best way to add a touch of warmth and style to these room types. Traditional rugs also work well with modern furniture, so they can be viewed as a catch-all style for any room in the home. Patterned rugs make fantastic focal points while solid-coloured rugs make a wonderful way to add depth to a room without overtaking its appeal.

Hall Runners

Hallways are often tightly enclosed spaces, and this makes it difficult to find rugs that are of the right size and shape for the area. Hall runners are the perfect fit for these spaces; they are extra-long but very narrow in their width. Hallways with wood floors can become chilly in the winter months, so it is important to insulate these floors and protect your feet from the elements. Hall runners have a very distinct function, but this does not mean they sacrifice style. Our customers can choose from a huge selection of patterns, styles and colours, ensuring that there is something for every hallway.

Hearth Rugs

Hearth rugs are the perfect place to rest a weary soul in front of a warm, crackling fire. Our hearth rugs are designed to be durable and easy to clean, making them the perfect choice for fireplaces of all sizes. They come in several different materials, sizes, shapes and colours and can easily transform the décor of any room in just a few moments. Simply exchanging a hearth rug and a few mantelpiece decorations is a very simple and inexpensive way to liven up a living space.

Special offers

Special offers are great ways for customers to take advantage of value, and the ability to buy more than one rug at once is a great way for them to ensure that they have enough rugs to finish a room. Buying a rug on special offer does not mean you have to compromise quality; these rugs are the same quality that we have always offered only at a lower price. They are available in many styles, colours, shapes and fabrics, so there will be rugs on special offer to fit any décor need and budget.

Cheap Rugs

Our cheap rugs certainly do not look inexpensive; they are available in a wide range of sizes and colours for nearly any purpose. These rugs can be used to protect flooring from the inevitable traffic marks or simply to provide some insulation against the chill of wood floors. Cheap rugs are also great ways to completely transform the look of any room—even on a budget. Our large selection of cheap rugs simply cannot be beat, and we are sure that our customers will agree.