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modern or traditional

Rug Types

From the hearth to the hall, there is a rug for every room. Modern or traditional, shaggy or smooth, in a variety of fabrics, colours and designs, you can add a rug to any interior design to create the effect you`re looking for. Contemporary rugs are generally rectangular in their design, but they can also […]

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The Simplay Rugs Production Process

Rugs are great ways to add a splash of colour or even pull together an entire room. While there are plenty of places where consumers can purchase rugs, ours are beautiful, versatile and affordable. They are crafted in Turkey and carry our very own brand name.Beautiful Design Our rugs are created with beautiful design, and […]

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bokhara rugs

Our Bokhara Rugs Collection

Bokhara rugs are popular rugs that come in a several different colours and which are made using a heatset polypropylene finish. Known to be of superior quality to many imitators, these rugs are designed to a high specification for appearance and comfort. When you purchase one of our Bokhara rugs, you are getting something that […]

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Why Paypal ?

Paypal has become the easiest and safest way for consumers to purchase items online. This global e-commerce website has replaced other ways to pay such as writing checks or wiring money to someone. Millions worldwide have turned to Paypal to send and receive money electronically including huge companies such as Microsoft, Walmart, Best Buy and […]

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Keshan heatset rugs

Our Keshan Rugs Collection

Keshan rugs are superior quality rugs based upon the original Persian style. With an elaborate medallion pattern and a thick, soft design, they are an ideal rug for those who want to feel something warm and soft under their feet. Unlike other products out there, these rugs have a genuine feel to them that brings […]

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