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Rugs for your dining room

living room rugsWooden flooring is a practical, hygienic solution to your flooring dilemmas when considering how to decorate downstairs rooms, particularly in areas that people will be eating in. It can be swept clean and washed easily. But the very advantages it confers can also be a down side. Wooden flooring can feel sterile and unwelcoming – cold even and a bit too uniform if it is in a large room. Many people knock through their downstairs rooms for more space and in design terms they get it right by having the same flooring across the two rooms, to give a sense of unity and space. But the disadvantage of this is that you can be left with a large expanse of just one colour or texture. When rooms are being used for different purposes – a dining room just off a sitting room for example, this can be a problem. It`s good to break up large expanses of colour a little, whilst distinguishing between rooms used for different purposes.

Rugs are useful here. In a dining area it`s nice for a table to be centred on a rug, which can add to the impact of your eating area. You need to make sure that there is a coherent reason for your design choice. Is it a dark room? If your table is dark too, perhaps a splash of colour would lighten the feel of the room. Or maybe you like the dark and cosy feel. Bear in mind that dark furniture on a very dark rug may be a little too strong for any room to bear, tricking the eye into thinking there is just a huge dark space in the centre of the room. It can suck the life out of a room if it is too dark. Choose a complementary colour with a little contrast if you like the `dark` look. In this case a warm dark chocolate, purple or orange rug will give a real sense of luxury and comfort. Continue reading Rugs for your dining room

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Incorporating a rug into your interior design

Rugs come in a spectrum of colours and a vast array of shapes and sizes, so there is sure to be one that fits your room flawlessly, providing the effect you desire. The problem is choosing the right one.
How do you choose a rug that complements your furnishings perfectly – that sets off your furniture and creates warmth and life without looking cluttered? There are several aspects to consider.

Are you aiming for chic minimalist or something a little more striking? At the moment we are all going for broke when it comes to white walls and beige carpets or stained neutral floorboards, so a rug is your chance to liven up the room. Patterned rugs add a sort of visual texture – injecting a little interest into a room that can otherwise be quite plain.

Similarly, block colours provide a focal point on the floor. Reds and burgundies add warmth to a light neutral carpet, while an ivory piece brightens a dark mahogany wooden floor, creating a pleasing contrast of colours.

If you have a feature wall with an intricate design, a plain rug which complements the colour scheme is a good choice. Too many patterns can create an overwhelming effect. Continue reading Incorporating a rug into your interior design

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Rug Types

From the hearth to the hall, there is a rug for every room. Modern or traditional, shaggy or smooth, in a variety of fabrics, colours and designs, you can add a rug to any interior design to create the effect you`re looking for.

Contemporary rugs are generally rectangular in their design, but they can also be bought in runner or circular form and offer a modern design in vibrant and contrasting colours. Contemporary rugs are ideal for living areas with wooden or laminate flooring, as they soften the room and provide warmth. They can also provide a level of protection to your flooring in walk-through areas.

A bold pattern complements the typical design of a modern home, creating interest in contrast to clean, straight lines and neutral walls. These rugs come in a range of different sizes – from 120 to 230cm long – so you can choose the optimum rug to suit your available space.

Whether you`re looking for a rug in a bright and vibrant red, or in a monotone hue, there`s a pattern to match you contemporary home. Continue reading Rug Types

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The Simplay Rugs Production Process


Rugs are great ways to add a splash of colour or even pull together an entire room. While there are plenty of places where consumers can purchase rugs, ours are beautiful, versatile and affordable. They are crafted in Turkey and carry our very own brand name.Beautiful Design Our rugs are created with beautiful design, and although they can be copied or mimicked by other rug companies, those companies could never duplicate the expert craftsmanship or dedication to quality. Continue reading The Simplay Rugs Production Process

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Our Bokhara Rugs Collection

Bokhara rugs are popular rugs that come in a several different colours and which are made using a heatset polypropylene finish. Known to be of superior quality to many imitators, these rugs are designed to a high specification for appearance and comfort. When you purchase one of our Bokhara rugs, you are getting something that can give your home a unique feel. A well-crafted rug can help your home’s appearance and can help save on heating costs.

Hearth Rugs

The smallest of the Bokhara rugs that we offer are hearth rugs. These rugs are ideal for small spaces, or as a way to show off your hearth, entertainment centre, short hall runners, or other centrepiece. We offer two sizes of hearth rugs. The smaller size is 60 x 110 centimetres. This can be placed virtually anywhere in the home where you need a small rug, including areas such as in front of kitchen and bathroom sinks. For slightly larger needs that still don’t take up a lot of space in an entire room, there is the 80 x 150 centimetre rug. Regardless of size, these rugs have a superior finish on them that makes them comfortable to stand on, but which also helps them resist stains caused by dropped food or splashed liquids. Continue reading Our Bokhara Rugs Collection

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Why Paypal ?

Paypal has become the easiest and safest way for consumers to purchase items online. This global e-commerce website has replaced other ways to pay such as writing checks or wiring money to someone. Millions worldwide have turned to Paypal to send and receive money electronically including huge companies such as Microsoft, Walmart, Best Buy and eBay. Continue reading Why Paypal ?

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Our Keshan Rugs Collection

Keshan rugs are superior quality rugs based upon the original Persian style. With an elaborate medallion pattern and a thick, soft design, they are an ideal rug for those who want to feel something warm and soft under their feet. Unlike other products out there, these rugs have a genuine feel to them that brings a sense of history and elegance, along with a high level of quality and comfort. This listing offers high quality at an affordable price. All rugs here are manufactured our high standards.

Hearth Rugs

There are many different sizes available for these Keshan rugs, allowing you to find the one that fits best in your home. The hearth rug sizes are ideal for those who want a cosy place near a hearth, fireplace, or entertainment centre. You can purchases this size in either a 60 x 110 centimetre rug or a slightly larger 80 x 150 centimetre offering. This size adds a good accent to a home, and the premium quality of the rugs ensures that they will fit in with any furniture or accents in the room you choose. You can even choose multiple hearth rugs to add splashes of quality and colour in your den, study, or other room. The hearth rugs are ideal for those who want a small carpeted area without covering most of the room. Continue reading Our Keshan Rugs Collection