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Our Bokhara Rugs Collection

Bokhara rugs are popular rugs that come in a several different colours and which are made using a heatset polypropylene finish. Known to be of superior quality to many imitators, these rugs are designed to a high specification for appearance and comfort. When you purchase one of our Bokhara rugs, you are getting something that can give your home a unique feel. A well-crafted rug can help your home’s appearance and can help save on heating costs.

Hearth Rugs

The smallest of the Bokhara rugs that we offer are hearth rugs. These rugs are ideal for small spaces, or as a way to show off your hearth, entertainment centre, short hall runners, or other centrepiece. We offer two sizes of hearth rugs. The smaller size is 60 x 110 centimetres. This can be placed virtually anywhere in the home where you need a small rug, including areas such as in front of kitchen and bathroom sinks. For slightly larger needs that still don’t take up a lot of space in an entire room, there is the 80 x 150 centimetre rug. Regardless of size, these rugs have a superior finish on them that makes them comfortable to stand on, but which also helps them resist stains caused by dropped food or splashed liquids.

Medium and Large Rugs

If you’re looking for something larger than the hearth Bokhara rugs, there are three different sizes of medium and large rugs that you can try out. These sizes include 120 x 170 centimetres, 160 x 220 centimetres, and 180 x 270 centimetres. These rugs tend to be the best sellers among our products, because they can fit any home need. Whether you want to cover a small area of your floor or put something down that can go wall to wall across a small room, the medium and large rugs are exactly what you are looking for. Unlike other products out there, some people even prefer the elegant designs of these rugs as wall decorations. The intricate patterns and bold colours make them fascinating to look at.

Choosing your Colours

The range of Bokhara rugs that we offer includes a total of five different colours for you to choose from. These colours include brown, red, green, navy, and beige. It is important to note that the colours listed here are for the rug’s background, while the elegant and complex patterns that make the rugs so appealing are in different colours that complement or stand out from the main shade. You should choose the colour that best suits your home, and we will happily work to make sure that you receive the exact rug you ordered. All of our rugs are specially manufactured for Simplay rugs, which means you will get great quality at a affordable price as we pass savings of buying from the manufacturers to you our customers

Colour Comparison: Analogous versus Complementary

When it comes to choosing which colour you want for your Bokhara rugs, you need to consider the environment you will be placing them in. Are the rooms you want to decorate fairly uniform in colour? If so, you might want to consider a complementary colour for your rug. A complementary colour is something that increases the saturation of the other colours in the room. For example, red is the complement of green. If you have a room that is predominantly green, you should consider a red or brown rug to help provide some contrast. If you already have a focal colour, you can choose an analogous option, such as green or blue for a room with purple walls, which helps tie the whole room together.

Choosing your Pattern

In addition to the colour of your rug, you should also do some thinking about the type of design you want. Our Bokhara rugs have an elegant and fairly complex design, but there are many different choices within that range to choose from when looking online. Luckily, this is one area where our photos can help you decide. While many online store fronts use stock photography or a generic rug photo to give you an idea of the product, we make sure we use an actual high-quality image of the rug you will be purchasing. We don’t use Photoshop or any other editing software to hide blemishes or make other edits. What you see is what you get, and what you get will be quality.

History of the Bokhara Rug

Bokhara rugs originate from central Asia, where they were manufactured by people from what is now Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran. The original creator of these rugs was the Tekke tribe, which borrowed some of the design principles from other nearby tribes. In particular, the opposing geometric patterns that make Bokhara rugs stand out from other Persian rugs variations seem to be a combination of Tekke and Salor tribe preferences. Because the Tekke moved throughout central Asia, you can find slight variations on these rugs even today. Pakistani Bokhara rugs, for example, have more of an angular design, while those that originated in central Asia focus more on repeating circles.

Other Regional Bokhara Rugs

Although not as common, slight variations on these rugs were found among other people in the central Asia area throughout history. The Afghan Bokhara, for example, also has a multiple circle design but uses asymmetrical circles to produce an interesting visual effect. The Baluchi tribe was a nomadic group that travelled through all the other areas listed above, and thus incorporated multiple designs into their work. The Baluchi Bokharas tend toward red, brown, or rust colours rather than the blues and greens found in other rugs of different tribes. Regardless of which tribe’s style you choose, the important thing to know is that these rugs have an elegant beauty and a rich sense of history behind them.

A Sense of Royalty and Grace

These rugs were designed primarily for tribal leaders at first, and served the purpose of decorating not only the floor, but also the walls. They provided insulation against extreme heat and cold, and in the absence of doors, they served as a method to cover entrances. Obviously, these early rugs were rougher in design, since the patterns were still evolving and the materials used were less than excellent. Although centuries have passed since the invention of the rug. and the materials and methods behind their creation have changed a lot, these rugs still carry on that legacy. When you purchase one of our rugs, you will get something of superior quality no matter what your needs.

The Best Quality Available

With each customer and with each sale, we strive to provide the highest quality machine made Bokhara rugs we can. We make sure we deal directly with manufacturers rather than going through a variety of different suppliers. dedicated server Those manufacturers that we work with are among the top in the business, and have a reputation for reliability, quality, and pride in their work. We choose the best materials and the finest finishes available to make sure that your rugs can be properly cleaned after spills or other disasters without running the risk of falling apart. analysis of a website . In short, we do everything within our power to make sure that your buying experience is great from beginning to end and throughout the life of the rug you choose.

The Customer is the Top Priority

In everything we do, the most important thing to us is making sure that you get the exact rug that will match your ideal living space. Whether you’re looking for something to lower your heating bills by providing some floor insulation or just a little piece of historical decoration, we will do our best to find the product that matches your exact needs. The excellent photographs of these products are designed to make sure you never have questions about your potential purchase. If you ever do have questions, however, be sure to let us know. We would love to help make your rug purchasing decision an easier one through our expertise. With many excellent Bokhara rugs in stock, you can’t go wrong when you buy from us. We will make sure you have the very best photos to choose from so you can decide the colour, design, and size of product that fits your personal needs the best. These are excellent rugs that have been popular for centuries. Purchase one, put it in a room of your choice, and see exactly why they are so popular.