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Incorporating a rug into your interior design

teal_blue_grand_flower_2Rugs come in a spectrum of colours and a vast array of shapes and sizes, so there is sure to be one that fits your room flawlessly, providing the effect you desire. The problem is choosing the right one.
How do you choose a rug that complements your furnishings perfectly – that sets off your furniture and creates warmth and life without looking cluttered? There are several aspects to consider.

Are you aiming for chic minimalist or something a little more striking? At the moment we are all going for broke when it comes to white walls and beige carpets or stained neutral floorboards, so a rug is your chance to liven up the room. Patterned rugs add a sort of visual texture – injecting a little interest into a room that can otherwise be quite plain.

Similarly, block colours provide a focal point on the floor. Reds and burgundies add warmth to a light neutral carpet, while an ivory piece brightens a dark mahogany wooden floor, creating a pleasing contrast of colours.

If you have a feature wall with an intricate design, a plain rug which complements the colour scheme is a good choice. Too many patterns can create an overwhelming effect.

In texture, rugs can be rough, smooth, deep pile, flat or woven and the one you choose should fit perfectly with your wall and floor covering. While you might not want to overdo it, multiple textures in a room can create a stunning effect.

Think of the texture of your floor while you`re making your decision and choose to lay patterned rugs on solid coloured floors, textured rugs on flat surfaces and block coloured rugs on patterned floors. Remember the rule of opposites to create a greater level of interest; team rough with smooth and black with white.

Wood grain is a highly versatile texture and due to its subtle patterns and grains it looks good when combined with almost anything. Take note of hue and type of wood when you`re deciding, but in general you can`t go wrong with a neutral deep pile floor covering to add some warmth to a hard floor.

Think about your furniture
In your bedroom it is all about wardrobes, chests of drawers and bedsteads. Team pine furniture, with its knots and grains, with plush, deep pile rugs to create a warm, cosy, textured effect you`ll be happy to fall asleep in… link check . and wake up to.

Mirrored furniture, with its stark lines and ethereal sheen, lends itself to contrast from both colour and texture. Bold, curved patterns create a dramatic look that`s reflected off every surface. Plush, comfortable rugs add warmth to a room which could otherwise seem quite icy, while creating an almost theatrical effect.

Downstairs in the living room, you can use a rug to prevent carpet wear from the tread of many feet, in addition to styling your home.

So whether you`re teaming your rug with neutral walls, wooden floors, mirrored or pine bedroom furniture, there`s a floor covering that`ll provide the effect you desire.