Lime Green Red Grand Flower Hall Runner – 60x220cm Long


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For people who want to add carpeting for hallways and other narrow spaces, there are hand carved runners. These runners are designed specifically for Simplay Rugs and intended to deliver the perfect union between high quality and low price. All of the runners described below are made using a high quality Frise that feels very comfortable to stand on and is super soft to the touch. These are great options for both practical functionality and design elegance.

Lime Green Runners

Our green hand carved runners come in just a flower pattern, which features a light green background and brown flowers. This is a very mild colour that works well with other cool colours such as blues, purples, and other shades of green. However, it can also complement red furnishings or provide an earthy feeling when combined with brown or beige.

Size Options

The exact size of the hand carved runner that will work best for you depends on the space you have in your room or hallway and how much of the floor you want to show. We offer two sizes: a 60 x 220 centimetre options and a slightly larger 70 x 300 centimetre option. Ideally, you should measure the space available to you before you choose your runner. In most homes

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