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Rug Types

From the hearth to the hall, there is a rug for every room. Modern or traditional, shaggy or smooth, in a variety of fabrics, colours and designs, you can add a rug to any interior design to create the effect you`re looking for.

Contemporary rugs are generally rectangular in their design, but they can also be bought in runner or circular form and offer a modern design in vibrant and contrasting colours. Contemporary rugs are ideal for living areas with wooden or laminate flooring, as they soften the room and provide warmth. They can also provide a level of protection to your flooring in walk-through areas.

A bold pattern complements the typical design of a modern home, creating interest in contrast to clean, straight lines and neutral walls. These rugs come in a range of different sizes – from 120 to 230cm long – so you can choose the optimum rug to suit your available space.

Whether you`re looking for a rug in a bright and vibrant red, or in a monotone hue, there`s a pattern to match you contemporary home.

What material?

Contemporary rugs are manufactured in a choice of three materials: polypropylene, wool and acrylic. What you choose depends heavily on your budget.

Polypropylene is relatively durable – the same material carpet fibers are made of – and it`s useful if your rug is being placed in an area used as a walkway. Acrylic is a cheaper option for plush rugs with a deep pile – it`s cheaper than wool but still offers a warm, cosy feel. Wool is the most expensive option but it is high in quality and these rugs are often handmade – definitely not budget pieces.

Shaggy rugs

Shaggy, deep pile rugs are ideal for warming up your home – both in style and in function. Perfect for households with a lot of wooden of wood-effect flooring, they bring the comfort of carpet while you maintain the ease-of-use and cleanliness of your laminate.

Himalayan and Indian shaggy rugs are popular choices. These woolen, deep-pile pieces are as fluffy as clouds and the ultimate in comfort.

Shaggy rugs bring texture to your room and because of this you are unlikely to find one with a floral pattern. Instead, they tend to come in block colours or with square or circular patterns which provide minimum fuss.

Placed in front of the fire or at the foot of the sofa, shaggy rugs offer premium comfort in any room – from a bedroom to a lounge or even a cold bathroom.

Hall runners

The ideal solution for a hallway, passageway or landing, hall runners complete a space which is so often overlooked when it comes to interior design. It`s also helpful in protecting your carpets or wooden flooring from wear and tear and trampled dirt – cleaning and even replacing a runner is far easier and cheaper than replacing your entire floor.

A runner covers an area up to 220cm or 300cm long and from 60 to 80cm wide – so whether you have a narrow space or a wide hall, you can add an extra something to the area to make it look stunning.

Whatever your style, there`s a rug to suit your home – whichever wall covering or flooring you choose, or whether you have soft patterned curtains, straight vertical blinds or modern or traditional furniture.